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[pct-l] Bear Canisters

As far as I know, the bearikade is approved everywhere, and the Ursack
is no longer approved anywhere that cans are mandatory, due to its
failure rate.  I advise you to check the Sequoia-Kings Website, which
you can access through www.sierrawilderness.com  The latter site will
also tell you about regulations in Inyo National Forest, which is
getting downright anal about  requiring bear cans in heavily used areas.
That site also sells bear cans at a good price. 
   Frankly, the big problem I see with the Ursack is that you have to
tether it to a tree to keep the bear from just walking off with it.  So
the bear can do like dogs do with a tug-of-war rope, just grab the
Ursack and pull until they tear it loose and/or mangle it to the point
of failure to contain your food. 
  I broke down and bought two Garcia cans this summer just to keep the
rangers off my back.  Yosemite now rents these cans for $3 a trip, which
could mean a whole summer.  They don't care. If you return the can at
the end of the season, they charge you $3.00.  If you don't return the
can, they charge you the price of the can.  
   They finally got smart.  They used to charge $3 a day.  My whole
group lost a week's worth of food one year because we couldn't afford
$189 for bear can rental.   
Marion Davison
"W. O. Ward" wrote:
> Has anyone heard lately whether the Bearikade canister is still approved in
> all National Parks and other places when canisters are required?
> What about the Ursack?
> Thanks,
> Bill
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