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[pct-l] Good Weather for PCT

 This year was as good as it gets for the thru-hiker on the PCT. Next year 
maybe another story though. Deer hunting is in full swing here in Washington 
with hunters claiming Bucks are fat as they've seen in awhile. This means 
winter is going to have more snow than normal and we are due!! White Pass 
North on the PCT is a top choice for winter use!! ( Easy grade with lots of 
tree and low avalanche chance) Another great trip is to take the boat from 
Chelan up the lake to Stehiken. From there , you can snowshoe  or ski up the 
valley and options are endless.  Now is the time to see the PCT both in the 
south and up North. ( Few people and fall colors) Speaking of fall colors, 
this is one area that the AT rules at. New England states( I been know) is 
tops . I may even have to hike the ( Ugh!) AT when I retire North to South  
in 16 more years. After meeting several over 60 hikers, I feel with todays 
gear, this is totally possible even for me!!!