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[pct-l] PCT 1998 weather

> weather can be a real stopper on the PCT more than on the AT. In 1997 ( Or
> 98, can't remember) when only 9 hikers completed the trail.

Probably 1998 - El Nino. I led a scout group from Bishop Pass intending to
go to Kearsarge. We met Ranger George at the Bishop Pass/PCT junction the
last week of July that year. He'd only seen 30 people all season. The snow
and rivers were still incredibly high and it was almost August. From
Palisade Lake to Mather Pass was solid snow and ice, still sheet ice on top
at noon, and an 8-foot snow wall on the south side. We bailed at Taboose
Pass. We renamed the passes Mutha and Taboo.


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