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[pct-l] Brian's Triple Crown Web Page

Again, sorry if you get three of these.

Looks like I've got my difficulties worked out with Homestead, and have a new 
website.  Here's the address:  <A HREF="royrobinson.homestead.com">

Please give it a try.  I've had a LOT of emails from people wondering what 
happened to the updates.  I really can't answer all of them individually but 
the old site now has a link to the new one.  In a few minutes, I will also 
add that feature to the interim site (www.ehiker.net.)  The content there 
will be deleted.  I'll leave the link up for a few days.

Just as info, Homestead was very helpful making this happen.  But it is 
fortunate that I live in Silicon Valley.  A 10-minute drive and I was 
eyeball-to-eyeball with some real people at their headquarters.  Sure beats 
hanging on an 800 number!