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[pct-l] Great Year 2001

--- BRANTLEY HAYES <hayes28607@yahoo.com> wrote:
>  I went the distance without treating or
> purifing. OR, meant drinking lake water, and it was
> a little warm. Northern CA and southern OR tested
> this trial with all its cattle, I was careful and
> made it through.

Hi Paw,
     You were awfully lucky.  Sometime in the days
after I last saw you at Castle Crags SP, I drank some
contaminated water.  I thought that I was being
careful.  The result was Guardiasis.  Symptoms started
appearing about two days out of Ashland.  I suffered
with it until I got a prescription for Flagyl in
Stevenson Washington.
     It was a great summer despite the Guardia. 
(though crossing the Packwood Glacier and Goat Rocks
in the clouds,and wind driven rain was miserable)


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