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"Bill and Annette" <abtour@yahoo.com> wrote:

>I am I missing the point of "thru" or even piece hiking a trial?  I enjoy
>the trail for what it presents.  I  hiked the AT many years ago and will
>hike the PCT this spring.  After that I will see if it is possible to hike
>the CDT in the  near future.  I will not "do" the trails to have done them
>but to see what is over the next mountain.
>Where have I gone wrong?

Sounds to me like your doin' fine.  The PCT is great, although not the 
"ultimate trail" that Monte would lead you to believe.  The CDT is even 
better - been there, done that.  Take your time and have fun - we did.  Saw 
a lot of mountains - and enjoyed them.  Well - almost all of them  :-))

Walk softly,

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