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[pct-l] Triple Crown completions

Brett Tucker wrote:
>From the Brian Robinson article:
"Only two dozen people, including Berger, have achieved hiking's Triple
Crown in their lifetimes. In 1999, two men became the first to hike two of 
the trails in a single year: the Appalachian and Pacific Crest."

>Only two dozen? Can anyone confirm or deny this figure? I was under the
>impression it was somewhat higher, considering the well-entrenched pattern 
>of hikers completing the AT, then moving on to the PCT, and finally - might 
>as well do 'em all - completing the Continental >Divide. Two dozen folks 
>would make for a mighty exclusive club... for now. What's the source here, 

Brett -

How many Triple Crowns?  No one really knows.  I know there were at least 13 
CDT finishers in 99 - and at least two of the others were also Triple Crown 
but have never been recognized as such.

The basic answer to your question is -- there are 2 dozen or so who are 
recognized by ALDHA-W - and there are at least another dozen or more (that I 
know) who have never been recognized.  It's a small "club" - but growing.

Walk softly,

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