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[pct-l] AT verses PCT

I have met Monte, and I liked him.

But All of Monte's knowledge seems to come from the PCT.
I don't have Monte's knowledge of the PCT ( only 600 miles total
in 3 states ),but I have hiked about 1800 miles on the AT.

In my opinion the major differences between the two trails are:
the PCT was DESIGNED and Built, whereas the AT was built and then 
used. The PCT had a plan, but the AT seldom seemed
to have the planning or coordination or the grades of the PCT.

When I was on the AT I used to say that I could tell which
districts had congresspeople interested in the trail. These were
the better sections of the trail, because money had been applied
to the design and construction.

The PCT was designed for both horses and people whereas the AT
was built by people in a hurry. This is evident in the 
switchbacks and grades of the trail. Many people who have hiked
both trails probably have a daily average miles 30% greater 
on the PCT than the AT.

In dry years the AT can be as dry as the PCT.

After two years I still haven't finished the AT. This is mostly
because of my "fear" of the trail in NH and ME. I don't think that
this fear would hold me back on the PCT because of the above
mentioned reasons. In fact the only fear I have of the PCT is
making the first 21 miles to Lake Morena in first day. At my age
it takes about a week to get into somewhat decent shape and 
20 miles was about my max on the AT. So I would have to find
this week of hiking somewhere else ( Grand Canyon ?), If I 
was to succeed on the first day.

Some of the reasons for more hikers on the AT:

     Proximity to more people, especially in the middle states
     Easier access to roads, supplies, and towns.
     Up to a few years ago, better documentation.

When I retired in 99, I chose the AT because of the above 
reasons. I never regretted it, except when the trails were
bad. Of course it may be because I'm such a wimp, but I have
a dislike of steep rocks pretending to be a trail, especially
when wet.

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From: Montedodge@aol.com 
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 16:48:52 EDT 
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Subject: [pct-l] AT verses PCT and Down Bags verses Bathtubs 

First ,go to REI or some Outback Jack's mountain store in urban America and 
buy some down suds and handwash your bag. ( Easy as pie!!) Next, I agree the

AT is said to be steeper and less graded of a trail. ( And maybe more 
climbing) The PCT more than makes up for this with it's deserts, high 
elevation mountain , distance between supply stops, etc.Karen Berger was 
talking about some high 6,000ft. mt. on the AT and a PCT trail angel told
he'd have to dig a 3,000ft. well to get to 6,000ft. My point is climbing a 
steep hill on the AT with 3 days of food at 5,000ft. maybe a bit easier than

climbing a less steep hill on the PCT with 9 days of food at 12,000ft. (
air, more weight) Packing water adds much weight on the PCT as well. Bottom 
line is about ten times the number of people finish the AT as the PCT which 
may be a more accurate gage of the to trails. On CDT would be even tougher 

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