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I think I just sent a blank message. 
I just wanted to comment on the senseless (I don't
mean to flame) discusssion about the "versus" trail
chat (does it mean I am senseless if I participate in
this discussion).  My fourteen cents worth come to the
conclusion that either the AT or the PCT or the CDT
will be the toughest thing you have ever done.  It
will bring you to a whole new level of "what can I
do?" if you can do it.  I think the first of two
factors you should consider in hiking the trails are 
hometowning (do you represent/want to see the east
coast or the west coast) and social vs. wilderness
experience.  I have not hiked the AT, nor even
finished the PCT, but have heard the AT is quite the
cultural experience whilst you make hike much of the
PCT without seeing more than one person per day.  I
dont know about the CDT.  I think it might be
somewhere in Australia.  
This "versus" question may apply to some, but for me
and many of the others on this list, I'd like to ask
another question.  Here goes.  After hiking and
enjoying the PCT, is the entire experience tougher to
hike another trail (either AT or CDT, knowing the
blisters will last, muscles will ache for months, body
will be damaged more, hunger pains will come sooner,
and mental anguish will stir about)?

And finally, Flyin Brian is going to do it, and I will
be the first to by the Wheaties with his  name on it.
Anyone know of any publicity that may broadcast his
completion on Katadin near the 23rd?  

I don't mean to dowse his fire, but is anyone
considering trying to "purist-like" thru-hike all
three in the near future?

Rock On!


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