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[pct-l] Triple Crown completions

>From the Brian Robinson article:

"Only two dozen people, including Berger, have achieved hiking's Triple
in their lifetimes. In 1999, two men became the first to hike two of the
trails in a single year: the Appalachian and Pacific Crest."

Only two dozen? Can anyone confirm or deny this figure? I was under the
impression it was somewhat higher, considering the well-entrenched pattern
of hikers completing the AT, then moving on to the PCT, and finally - might
as well do 'em all - completing the Continental Divide. Two dozen folks
would make for a mighty exclusive club... for now. What's the source here,

And speaking of Brian, anyone know of his whereabouts along the cold, wet,
rocky, rooted northern reaches of the AT? The website is not being updated
so regularly these days.

And speaking of thru-hiking in general, where on earth are all the class of
2001 finishers? Back at work? No free time? No time to liven up pct-l, it
would appear. Perhaps it's a momentum problem. (don't look at me to get the
ball rolling - back at work, no free time.)

- blisterfree