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[pct-l] PCT in sections (Campo to Lake Morena)

I hiked sections A and B as a training hike in November 1999.  The =
weather was incredible, sunny and warm, but not broiling.  Check out my =
web page at =
http://friends.backcountry.net/rogers/PCT99webpages/PCT99Home.htm.  I =
compiled some fairly detailed information on off-season water sources, =
locations of good dry camps, and sections A and B in general that might =
interest you.  The epilogue has a complete summary of the water sources.

happy trails, Hobbit
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> Woohoo!!!
> I completed my first section of the trail, Southern Terminus to Lake =
> That's 20 mi according to the data book.  I did it in one day, and =
> I'll be sending more detailed info with a URL in the next few days.  =
> now, I need to give these dogs a rest.  Next Section, Lake Morena to =
> Rancheria Campground in November.
> Does any know if Mt Laguna gets snow in December, or is it just BUTT =
> See you on the trail
> Ben (mailto: beholmes@pacbell.net)
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