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[pct-l] AT verses PCT and Down Bags verses Bathtubs

 First ,go to REI or some Outback Jack's mountain store in urban America and 
buy some down suds and handwash your bag. ( Easy as pie!!) Next, I agree the 
AT is said to be steeper and less graded of a trail. ( And maybe more 
climbing) The PCT more than makes up for this with it's deserts, high 
elevation mountain , distance between supply stops, etc.Karen Berger was 
talking about some high 6,000ft. mt. on the AT and a PCT trail angel told her 
he'd have to dig a 3,000ft. well to get to 6,000ft. My point is climbing a 
steep hill on the AT with 3 days of food at 5,000ft. maybe a bit easier than 
climbing a less steep hill on the PCT with 9 days of food at 12,000ft. ( less 
air, more weight) Packing water adds much weight on the PCT as well. Bottom 
line is about ten times the number of people finish the AT as the PCT which 
may be a more accurate gage of the to trails. On CDT would be even tougher