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[pct-l] ticket

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001 03:56:36 -0700, thatcher koch wrote:

>  hi,
>  i need some input from the list. last august, i backpacked from echo lake
>  toulumne meadows. i used amtrak to and from the pct. the amtrak driver
>  kind enough to let me off at little norway, saving me all the problems of
>  finding transportation back from the "y". i figured i would be able to
get a
>  wilderness permit somewhere along the way. what i found was at each new
>  wilderness i came to had a self registering permit system for it's own
>  i entered yosemite nat'l park at dorothy lake pass. when i was less than
>  five miles from toulumne meadows, i ran into a ranger. i told him i had
>  bear cannister, but i had two problems. one, i needed to know the
>  was for the shuttle to the valley and if i still had time to catch it.
>  two, i didn't have a wilderness permit. as it turned out, he wasn't much
>  help on the shuttle schedule and he gave me a ticket for $110.00 for not
>  having the permit. i've decided to contest the ticket on the grounds that
>  was my intent all along to get a permit (after all, i volenteered the
>  information i didn't have one) but circumstance made it difficult or
>  impossible. what i need to know from the list is where is the district
>  building in yosemite? and what are my chances on having the ticket thrown
>  out. thanks.
if the cop(ranger) shows up ferrgetaboutit, your guilty.even if the judge is
sympathetic to your argument he(or she),will still fine you,but may reduce
it. do`nt count on it. i dont know where you live but your best bet for a
aquital(sorry i cant find my dictonary) is to try to get the ticket tranferd
to the san fransisco federal court(this is a federal charge)where they are
far to busy to prosecute this charge and will probally dismiss it if you
fight it. ive done this in the seattle federal court and it worked for me.

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