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[pct-l] Retro Brain Twisting

A little bit off PCT, however, this mindset example is a representation of those things that a long distance hike teach you that you never seem to forget.

I went camping with my two boys this weekend at an Indian Guide - Indian Princess (father-son, father-daughter) campout at a regional park in the foothills of Mt. San Gorgonio.  All the dads set up large saggy family type tents.  My boys and I camped out under the stars as the weather was great and no bugs whatsoever.  Sunday morning I was laying in my old polarguard bag dosing and enjoying the filtered early sunlight through mist and trees when a dad walked up and exclaimed in dumbfounded amazement "You didn't sleep out in the open last night did you?!!!"  and "Don't you own a tent?"  

I calmly explained to this short-sighted dimwit that there are 3 purposes for using a tent: 1) Weather protection, 2) Bug protection and 3) Privacy.  Since there wasn't any concern for 1 or 2 and I don't care about 3 there wasn't any need for a tent.  And, yes, I own several excellent tents.

I then challenged the poor fool that my sleeping bag is drier than yours!  He produced his bag and we exchanged moisture content assessment feels to find that I was correct.  His bag was soaked with condensation while my bag was just slightly moist from the dew that my body heat had not yet evaporated.  

I don't think that I quite convinced him to take his blinders off but I do believe that I opened some curiosity in him.  

My boys have already learned at 11 to question the need for equipment where the demand is not there.  I'm hoping that latter in life, maybe they wont be tricked into thinking that they need a huge SUV when a small truck or 4WD Subaru will do job.

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel