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[pct-l] PCT in sections

Hey All,

Call me crazy or maybe it is a mid-life crisis.  I've decided to hike the
PCT.  Now I haven't completely lost my mind so I'm not planning a thru hike.
I'm taking on small sections at a time for one weekend a month and a few
longer ones as time permits.  I'll be starting at the Southern Terminus and
then continuing north from where I left off each time.

Here are a few items:

I'm trying to take some friends and family that want to go.  I would rather
not be hiking alone.  My first section will be Southern Terminus to Lake
Morena.  I will be leaving either Friday night 10/12 and doing a weekend
backpack.  Or leaving Saturday 10/13 and doing a one day long hike on Sunday
10/14.  If you would like to partner up for this hike or any of the future
sections, just email me.

I'm not an ultra light hiker.  I'm an old boy scout and have learned more to
"be prepared" then traveling light.  So I'll be using my Jansport Ranier
Regular external frame pack, and practicing my no-impact camping skills.  I
don't do to bad in the pack weight department.  I carry about 30 lbs.

I'll be documenting all of the hikes I do on the PCT so as soon as I have
the link setup, I'll post it.  I have my GPS and Topo software, so all of
the routes and the profiles will be posted along with LOTS of pictures too.

A few things that I have recently checked on:

I checked with the Boarder Patrol.  All is okay at the border, you just need
to be patient.  Lots of BP agents out there and lots of stops.  So I'll be
checking in and making SURE they know I'm out there.  Looks like a vehicle
can be parked at the Campo BP Office.  BTW, the agents I spoke with were
very friendly.

The Ranger at Lake Morena was very friendly also.  Although I did not
personally verify the information, I was told that Hauser Creek does have
water in it.  Either way I'm assuming it is dry and will be bringing plenty
of water, but carrying my filter just in case.

I see I gotta come up with a nick name.  Lets try "Old Scout" for now :)

See you on the trail
Ben (mailto: beholmes@pacbell.net)