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[pct-l] Intro

    Hi all,
When I was at the ALDHA gathering in Hanover, NH this
past weekend, I had a request to post a link to my PCT
     In case your wondering who took the pictures. 
I'm a 42 year old Vermonter that hiked the AT in '99. 
The PCT was next on the list, so on April 27th Bob
Riess dropped me off at the Mexican border in one of
his early morning runs.  I hiked to the 3rd annual
Kickoff and had a great summer walking to Canada.
(despite getting giardiasis in northern California)  I
hit monument 78 on September 8th.
     I've only developed 3 rolls of film out of 21
that I took.  So, I'll be adding pictures as I have
more film developed.  The pictures aren't in any
particular order.
Here's the link 
(check out the grouse attack)


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