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[pct-l] Retro-hiking

Do not know if I am ready for retro - hiking, but I am in a dilemma trying
to change my thinking from ultralite hiking.  Am going next Saturday for a
week in the Canyons of Utah...From Salt Lake City we drive 5 hours to a
State Campground and then day hike from there.....The couple coming in
to the airport in Salt Lake will have the Itinerary, then I will know where
I am going.

So, from under my bed comes the Ultra deluxe model of the Thermorest- not
used since 1998.
Extra clothes - wow I do not need to wear the same clothes for a week. I can
be a fashion statement if I choose.
I have to take 2 dinners for 4 people.......it seems all I know how to cook,
is add 2 cups of water....guess I will figure this out.  But I will take the
large stove that has a 6-8 inch
canister on it. etc. etc. etc.

When you get hooked on a set pattern of hiking it is really hard (at least
for me) to switch
back to old methods.

Cheers,   (Marge, the old gal)

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