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[pct-l] Retro-hiking

 Had a good time showing my 1977 slides at the ALDA-West at Lake Wenatchee 
last week. It was a kick hearing people gasp at the sight of the 70 lb. packs 
and old chunky gear! The next time you go on a three day trip with friends, 
use your old external frame or better yet, a Trapper Nelson. Also take out 
your old stove, wooden ice axe or anything old. It is like the people who 
take an old 1954 Buick out for a Sunday drive. ( It kind of takes you back in 
time) The roar of an old Svea is soothing and lets you forget the park 
passes, trailhead passes, bear box, canister era we now live with and takes 
you back to the time when all you needed was gas money and 2 boxes of 
Mac-and- cheese. Remember back when if you saw one other car at the trail 
head, it was cool because you might meet someone up the trail to yap with!  ( 
Or 4 cars was a busy weekend!!!) Clothing??? Anyone hiking before 1980 
remembers that Goodwills and army surplus stores were the cat's meow for 
backcountry clothing. John Muir or Lewis and Clark didn't use all that much 
poly-pro or fleece. They also didn't have a great supply of ripstop nylon. 
Back when men were men( and sheep ran for their lives!) Wool was the choice 
for  hikers. Most PCT hikers of yesteryear wore 5.00 army wool pants( or 
40.00 woolrich if they were rich hikers) Also wool shirts and wool sweaters. 
All these can still be had for cheap if you look even today!! So this winter, 
do yourself a favor and hike retro and least once. ( Better yet, hike or 
climb a popular trail or peak dressed like this and take in the disdained 
looks from other on the trail!!) Of course , you can laugh under your breath 
knowing you've did this hike or climb a dozen times before they were born!!!!