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[pct-l] Hiker recon

Does anyone have an e-mail address and/or website for 2001 thru-hikers "The
Snowy Owls" (Arial & Meliza)? I have a photo of these two young ladies from
Stehekin that I thought they might appreciate.

Also I'm trying to contact 2001 PCT hiker Bernie (at last check, trail name
was "Mooselegs"). Any info there would be appreciated, too.

Finally, there's this guy called Foxtrot who was hiking south from the
Canadian border this year, telling tales of grizzly bear encounters (in
Alaska, that is). Foxtrot, like me, gets around, and although I've happened
to run into him by chance three times on two trails, I still don't have an
e-mail address.

- blisterfree, PCT si! to eh? 1999-2001