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[pct-l] Re: Re: In Shape

That really was a lot of good advice, and I'm reading
between the lines that a sense of humor is a good
thing to take along. I'm going to shape up a little
more and start hiking the piece of the PCT that's near
me, that should get some messages to my body to get
good to go.

I camped up there once, 7 or 8 thousand feet up, near
Mt. Baden Powell. Woke up in the middle of the night
because I heard a bear doing that little "roar thing"
that they do, can't describe it, not very loud, just
some kind of a little "call in the night". I sat bolt
upright in the tent trying to figure out what I could
do, must have sat like that for ten minutes. It was
moonless, I had only an uncared for camp knife for a
fight. I couldn't quit or win I guessed so I went back
to sleep. I seem to have woken up the next day. Very
memorable moment. I'm not a John Muir, he would have
loved that I guess. Come to think of it when I was a
kid in Granada Hills, Ca., my neighbors were named
Muir and John himself was their grandfather. They
always went fishing, never camping that I knew of so
there ya go; it's not hereditary.

Never thought of it till just now but I could help
somebody with supplies in this area if they needed it.



This is an official message from the Lake Los Angeles chapter of the Christian Fun Brigade of which I serve as main spokesman. Members include Leslie and Marion, and don't forget Charlie and Cleo whose duties include barking at delivery people and big bad dogs on T.V.

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