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[pct-l] IN SHAPE?

Ray Jardine (I know many disagree with what he says) gives some good
advice for training.  He says walk several miles a day with a pack (like a
daypacks with some weight in it), but the key is that is must be done over
uneven ground, with the equipment you will be using.  Eventually work up
to a overnight trip with the full equipment you would use for your
trip(s).  Also stretch everyday to improve flexability.

Andrew West
On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, Max Pierson wrote:

> I want to get in shape for some extended hiking, am
> walking a fast mile every other day with one of my
> buddies at work just for minimal exercise. Every
> journal I have read (all two or three) went like this:
> day1, went 16 miles... Ankle/knee/hip pain.. Day two:
> my friends carried me in a litter... I'm exaggerating
> a lot here of course but I'm wondering if I work up to
> 4.5 fast miles every day (three times around our
> favorite route) will I be in shape to start out and
> hike perhaps 10 to 15 miles with a pack?
> Max
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