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Section A in March: You should be prepared for wet, cold and hot.  Here's what I mean;  

Wet: most streams could be running still, Scissor's Crossing should be running and much fresher than most thru-hikers find it in late April - early May, you are likely to get rain and/or snow at the higher elevations, snow may be present on the ground on Mt. Laguna.  All of this depends on specific weather at that time and what kind of winter has just passed.

Cold:  see above re: snow.

Hot: Just when you get prepared for rain, snow and cold you may find that your timing has put you perfectly between two storms systems and you have caught that great southern California, early spring weather, with 70's to 80's in the daytime and lots of sun.

This typically extremely dry section should be green and at its best in March, if you don't mind the rain and a bit of snow.

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel