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[pct-l] Intro

Hello everyone!!
I just decided to attempt the PCT over a period of a couple of years, or so I
A little bit about myself: 33 years old, decent physical condition, I have been
hiking since college, and now I teach History to 8th Graders.
I live near Houston, Texas and just don't get a chance to hike much around here.

My big question to this group is about Section A of the PCT.  
I recieved my trail guide in the mail several days ago and I am wondering what
the conditions are like During early March. ?

My plan at this point is to hike section A during the week of March 9-March 16(
or at least as much of it as is possible during this time)

That would be my prelude to spending 2-3 more weeks on the trail (Section B)
during June or July.

Thomas V