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[pct-l] a good read!

Thanks Jim.

To me, he may have had a 12 pound pack, which is nice, but he was home way=20
too early to realize what he just did.


jmayer@rochester.rr.com writes:

> Here you go.  Mr. L=F6fgren writes much more neatly than I do.
> -- Jim
> --------------- START OF ENTRY ------------
> 8-8-01 Stefan Lofgren MEXICO ---------------- 84 days -----------> Canada
> "Where did you start?" "Mexico." "Really?" "84 days ago."  "Wow, do you ev=
> stop and enjoy yourself?"  "You mean like to masturbate?" (Thought, not
> said, of course.)  I get this all the time.  My only response was "Well, n=
> that implies walking isn't enjoyable.  Walking 2600 miles would be pretty
> foolish if I didn't enjoy walking." -- Then trying to understand their
> comment, I watch them pass and their pack completely eclipses them.  I
> suppose walking isn't enjoyable with 45 lbs., a bad knee, and a hip rash.
> HERE's MY POINT - Imagine a  hiking day as a work week.  The time spent
> walking is like your 5 days on.  Time lying in the meadow is like the
> weekend.  Carrying 50 lbs. throughout the week is like paying into the kid=
> college fund, paying the house loan, paying for the car, the boat, and the
> pool. -- Going ultralight, e.g.. 12 lbs., has shown me the actual walking=20=
> the vista is fun.  Leading a simple life, I think, may lead to vibrancy an=
> a happy attitude, like skipping down into camp after 38 miles with the pac=
> on one shoulder.  But the trail teaches humility and being humble so this=20=
> all I can think to say. -- Gandalf and Bilbo at the end of the Hobbit.
> 0 G. "You take only two tiny bags of gold home with you?  Your share was
> greater."  B. "It's all my pony could carry and it's more than I'll ever
> need."  G. "So the prophecies of old have come true.  Smaug is gone, the
> dwarves and elves live in peace, and the men build a civilization."  B.
> "Prophecies, Humph!  I had a hand in all that!"  G. "Do you really think
> that all your adventures and escapes were managed by mere luck, just for
> your sole benefit?  You're a very find person, Mr. Baggins, and I'm very
> fond of you, but you're quite a little fellow in a very big world."  B. "U=
> Thank GOODNESS."
> Don't live for the week-end. =20

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