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[pct-l] pictures of a few through-hikers and from ALDHA-West gathering


contains links to pictures of my recent activities around section L,
wherein are also intermixed quite a few pictures of finishing through-hikers
as I encountered them, especially around Mon 78 on 26 Sep.     
There are also a few pictures from ALDHA-West.

The commentary has yet to be written and the pictures yet to be organized
into any better than chronological order,
and that's way down on the list of things
to do - the pileup of unfinished business at home after just two weeks 
away is appalling - I can't imagine how through-hikers can ever recover.

Anyway I said I'd post the pictures of through-hikers when I got back,
so here they are, though persons who are only mildly curious might want
to wait to look until it's better organized.     But that could be a couple
of weeks.