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[pct-l] top 10 signs

I found this on a website and thought I would share just in case some of you
havent seen it.  I hadnt seen it before and it just about had me rolling on
the floor.  The web author wasnt sure of its origins.

Top Ten ways to spot a former Thru-hiker

10. Wears the same clothes every single day.
9. Sleeps on the floor next to the bed.
8. Ignores the toilet - prefers to dig little holes in the backyard.
7. In the kitchen a string hangs from the ceiling with a tuna can and stick
tied on.
6. Puts on gaiters to walk to the mailbox.
5. Uses stairs at work rather than elevator - insists on taking a snack
break upon reaching top floor.
4. Wooden floors are all pock-marked from pole tips.
3. 40% of household food budget:  pop tarts and snickers bars!
2. Declares each morning that this will be "another zero-day".
1. Says things like, "Hey Mom, can you slack me to the mall?".