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[pct-l] Re: PCT-L digest, Vol 1 #264 - 3 msgs

At 05:20 PM 9/23/01, Brett Tucker wrote:
>Nor have I received a pct-l digest in several days, with the exception of
>this most recent (#264), and suspiciously succinct digest.

There were no list posts 8:59 am on 9/20 and 14:05 on 9/22

Since the digest goes out at 10am, this means there was no digest on 9/21 
and 9/22
I don't know if 2 days is "several" but the list has been quiet.

There WERE only 3 messages between 10am on 9/22 and 10am on 9/23 so your 
digest is the right length.

I have been getting lots of spam caught in the filter (about 5-6 spams a 
day), so I am fairly sure the list software has been working.

Brick Robbins

The mirror is not you. The mirror is you looking at yourself.
              --George Balanchine