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[pct-l] National Geographic

Mad Monte wrote:
>Check out your old National Geographic vol.139, No6 dated June 1971.  Page
>765 is a good picture of a " Modern wilderness scout" Leyton Jump. Just found
>out this  Cascade Crest Patrolman is a Doctor in my small hometown of
>Tenino!! What a small world. This issue is a " Classic" and a must for any
>lover of the PCT. I remember reading this and being a so pumped to do the
>trail!! Great pictures of classic frame packs, Norman Clyde,Eric Ryback and
the whole smear!!

That's a neat one, I remember reading that one as a kid also and 
imagining such a trip...I found a copy for myself last year, too, and 
held onto it.

I was recently given an old copy of a PCT book that National 
Geographic published in 1975,  authored by William R. Gray, photos by 
Sam Abell, of their two-season hike of the as-yet incomplete PCT (was 
fully complete I think in 1990?).....The book has a fwd in it by 
Harvey Manning.  I haven't read it yet, still have to go thru all of 
it, but there's a few neat passages in it I can share:

"A few hardy men and women, no more than two score, have traveled the 
entire trail."

and a Warren Rogers quote: "I hope to see the entire permanent trail 
at least cleared of brush by July 4, 1976, our country's 
bicentennial.  It would be an appropriate birthday present to the 

"At Glen Aulin we turned north, and two miles up cold canyon we 
stopped for the night.....we had been warned by hikers and park 
rangers  about the large population of bears in this area....we saw 
no sign of the animals, but as a safety precaution we placed our food 
in stuff sacks and hung them, eight feet off the ground, from a rope 
slung between two trees and a hundred feet from camp......the bags 
still hung unmolested in the morning......and we saw no tracks in the 
heavy frost."