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[pct-l] Stoves and Paddles

 Hey Amigo, good luck with your stove! Took a group of 8 paddlers out 
yesterday for a great 3 hour paddle in the South Sound . Saw about a doz. 
habor seals getting fat on Chinook Salmon waiting for rain to swim up the 
Deshutes river. Then had dinner at the Oyster House, deep fried halibut and 
chips in which you can paddle right up to the dock and walk in. Then chase it 
down with  2 liters of raspberry ice tea!!  Washington has a great 150  mile 
Cascade Marine trail that starts in Olympia and goes through Puget Sound with 
dozens of campsites just set aside of kayakers. Sea food is easy get get 
early in the year.( Favorite paddle spots?? Lake Chelan , 5 days 72 miles 
round trip, start from 25 mile creek which is mile post 19 up the lake to 
Stehiken and return, many nice shelters along the way. Missouri River, 150 
miles from Fort Benton to Robinson Bridge at head of Fort Peck Res. Green 
River, 120 miles from the town of Green River to Spanish bottom on the 
Colorado River. Lake Powell, 180 miles with 2,000 miles of shoreline. Yukon 
River is my next trip from Whitehorse to Circle Alaska 650 miles. Paddling is 
a very close second love !!!!!