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[pct-l] Alcohol stove modifications


Hola Compadres.  Just a quick note to let you all know
I am still on this planet...just busier than ever with
my new outdoor school job (in Sonora, near Yosemite). 
The other day, I had time to sit down and make several
tin-can stoves, and I am nearing a perfection in my
modification involving the non-need for rocks or tent
stakes as a stand.  By adding an airy lip to the top
of the stove, and increasing the heigth of it, you can
sit your pot (cooking pot that is) directly on the
stove.  It's tried and true at 4200 feet, but not sure
how it will be affected at various altitudes.  email
me off list for more details if needed.  otherwise,
build several on your own, and just experiment with
it.  good luck.  i miss you all.  anyone want to do a
long distance paddle this summer with me?  i also need
a "Water Trail" reccommendation!

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