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[pct-l] h2o filters???

Brick Robbins wrote:

> Several of us don't filter water. Giardia doesn't bother me.
> If i suspect bacterial contamination, I use iodine.
> Otherwise I just drink it.
> Been doing that since 1995 and I'm still alive and kicking.

Nor does Giardia bother me.  I've accepted the fact that 95% of water
sources are merely contaminated because we "know" they are, not because
they really are.  Five years ago filters were just begining to gain
popularity.  Who hasn't seen the PUR sponsored sign that reads:  "Because
you never know what's in the water...All backcountry sources should be
considered unsafe and should be treated by boiling or filtering and
chemical treatment."?  I don't know what's happened on the West Coast, but
here on the AT the ATC has taken it upon itself to post amost every water
source with this advertising/scare tactic.  Now when people ask how you
treat water and you look at them cross eyed while you sip untreated spring
water from a bottle, they automatically assume that you're ignorant and
haven't "heard" the news.

I just have always based my advice to people (people whom I do not know
the competency level of, or the experience level of, or do not know
altogether)  on the, what I consider to be anyhow, "safe and sound" side
of the spectrum.  I do admit that I treat about 30-40% of my water and
have never felt, at least to my knowledge, ill effects from a waterborne
bug.  I know people who have had Giardia, and believe me I don't care to
have it.  I cannot, in my right mind, recomend to people that they not
filter their water, nor do I recomend that they do.  It is a personal
descision and I hope only to present some facts (and opinions) on both
sides.  Well..time to go home and ride my bike, eat some dinner, and
revise a paper.  Ugh.  In the words of Robert D. Raiford...Who says that?
I say that.  I'm Hungry Howie & The New Sushi

By the way...How many of you have ever heard of (or listen to) Johnboy and
Billy?  You have to love redneck radio morning shows...;^)