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[pct-l] Water Filters - Pur

Monica requested water filter input, and several have mentioned using
Pur brand.  I've run out of filters for my Pur Pioneer, and have been
trying to contact someone in the Pur company who would be able to guide
me to the magic source for replacements. (There's gotta be some
somewhere).  I tried leaving an EMail to the addy offered at the Pur
website, only to receive an auto-response from Katadyn.  The note
provided me with an 800 number, and the information that the two
companies are now one and the same.  The 800 number is good for a voice
mail system, a five minute hold for the next available service rep, and
an auto hangup after five minutes.  The intro to the voice mail also
mentions a halt in the production of several models of purifiers.  In
the past, I've read reports from thru hikers detailing the quick
response they received from Pur when the hiker's filters took a dump.
Those days may be long gone.