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[pct-l] h2o filters???

I've had good results with the PUR Level-2 filter (according to the sports
shop I bought it in, level-1 merely adds iodine). The cartridge is about
half the price of the filter ($65 for filter , ~25 for cartridge)  It's a
pump filter so it can bit a bit bulky, but it isn't too heavy.  There are
also out there "scoop-and-slurp" filter. These you just screw onto your
bottle and...well you figure it out.  I am unsure as to the reliability of

Andrew West
On Mon, 17 Sep 2001, Monica Delmartini wrote:

> Howdy, hickers!  My name's Monica and I'm hiking the PCT next 
> year...stumbled upon this mailing list and thought I'd jump in...
> It's always fun to show up in the middle of a discussion, with no points of 
> reference.  One of you is a millionaire?  Elvis is giving a free concert @ 
> Crater Lake?!  All right!
> Can anyone recommend a good water filter? (Mine up and died on my last 
> trip--I never liked it anyways...)  By "good," I mean: lightweight, easily 
> operated by one person, lasts a good long time, and doesn't require plunking 
> down $50 every time you need to replace the cartridge.  My last filter was a 
> First Need, so don't bother recommending that one! :)
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