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[pct-l] getting to Manning

I am planning to drive to Manning Lodge from Bellingham later this week,
and back to Winthrop a couple of days later, to get the Canadian part
and the high point in Washington before the weather gets bad.

All I was planning to take in terms of "papers" was my CA driver's license,
vehicle registration, and insurance certificate.    Is there anything
else I'd need to produce to get in and out of BC for a couple of days?
For a while on Tuesday the networks were reporting that the Mexican
and Canadian borders had been "closed," but it wasn't clear that was
true even then.    I doubt that Monument 78 has been fortified yet.

One way to address the problem of "how do I hike the trail without getting
fired" is to do it in little bits and pieces (anybody remember the
Johnny Cash song about the guy who built a Cadillac out of parts stolen
from the factory one at a time over twenty years?).    My plan is 
outlined at


though as Eisenhower said (more or less) "the plan is useless, but the
planning is essential."    He must have known something about North Cascades
weather.    Evidently there's been a couple of weeks of really good weather
but it seldom lasts long.