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[pct-l] Time off for long distance hikes

For me, the secret of doing a long distance hike is
the way someone else mentioned: save money and live
below my means.  I seldom go out to lunch and "brown
bag it". Don't own a car.  And save, save, save, save!
Some sacrifices are made, but the six months of
freedom I will have starting in late April...well,
can't really put a price on that, for me anyway. We
all make sacrifices..just a matter of what sacrifices
we make, and what the sacrifices are for. (And,
believe me, I am so looking forward to April 1st when
I give my employer my notice! :)  )

As for why I want to spend 5 months of so
walking...again, just the freedom of spending so much
time in the mountains. No office meetings, no 'vision
plans'....and after what happened Tuesday, the office
politial BS seems even more meaningless.

No big changes in my life, just know what makes me
feel most alive, most content.  We'll see if I feel
the same way in ten years, though. :-)


The true harvest of my life is intangible.... a little stardust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched

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