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[pct-l] time off for long distance hikes

tom reynolds wrote: <However I suspect 4-6 months at Club Med will be a
better cure than a PCT hike.>>

interesting thread! i can't address the core issue here [time off, etc.]
because i was fortunate enough to have been already retired and single
with grown children at 55 when i did my '94 appalachian trail thru-hike.
i do question tom's suspicions that a 4-6 month stay at club med is
better than a thru-hike of that duration. 
   six months on the a t left me with a fresh perspective of life, the
ability to chuck inflated materialistic values and trappings, and a
lasting appreciation of the simple things in this world [and i lost
   had i done club med instead, i would be broke, probably be an
alcoholic, have melanoma or some unpronounceable std, and would have
gained 50# more!