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[pct-l] PCT thru Hikers

Just returned from a brief trip south of White Pass to near Old Snowy.  We
left Sept 11, so had heard the news on the radio and passed it on to the
thru hikers which we met.  These were:  Fred and Booger at the trailhead
heading north.
Robin and Marcus near Shoe Lake.  Dave and Tony about 15 minutes later.  As
a side note this was Tony's 4th attempt at a thru hike.  He is Air Force
Reserve so was going to call his unit in Reno to see if he needed to return.
He probably was recalled and might already be back and ready to serve our
country.  My Prayers are with him and all the other service personnel who
are prepared to "retaliate and come out on top", which my sailor son
informed me that the Commander-in -chief has promised them.
Met The Cartoon Ostrich and Ron Strickland at Lutz Lake where they were
enjoying their evening break before continuing on.  The next morning met
David, Oz and George just above McCall Basin.
Today met Harry who was just leaving White Pass and was concerned about his
visa to enter Canada which his mom had mailed on Monday.  He left a
forwarding to Stehikin, figuring that 11-12 days might see the mail
All hikers were in great physical shape, but like all of us were shocked at
the horrible loss of life.
After talking to Ron about the Pacific Northwest trail, I think that will be
a goal for this horse women to attempt before attempting the PCT again.
"Crest Rider" aka Faye