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[pct-l] World news on the trail & fanatics (longish)

Okay - I don't want to start a flame war (or continue one) on the =
subject of fanaticism.  This is what the Oxford English dictionary has =
to say about the word "fanatic."  I call your attention to the 2nd =
definition.  Tom, your self-described "fanaticism" may be described by a =
more accurate word ('cause I don't think you & Dave disagree, really).  =
Being committed in your faith or religion (or to an, ahem, hiking style =
(I knew I'd get this on point somehow) may be different from being a =
"fanatic" in the truest sense of the word.  Just my 'umble opinion. =20


The following was copied from the Oxford English Dictionary website (my =
school library subscribes to it, thankfully!)


A. adj.

    1.    a. Of an action or speech: Such as might result from =
possession by a deity or demon; frantic, furious. Of a person: Frenzied, =
mad. Obs.=20
  533 BELLENDEN Livy IV. (1822) 356 This uncouth and terribil =
buschement..ruschit..with phanatik and wod cours on thare inemyis. c1534 =
tr. Pol. Verg. Eng. Hist. (Camden) I. 71 Such fanatike and fond =
observations. 1626 MINSHEU Ductor (ed. 2), Fanatick, mad, franticke, =
also inspired with a prophetical furie. 1634 SIR T. HERBERT Trav. (1638) =
221 Some think..the torryd Zone, the fierie sword; and such other =
fanatick fancies. 1641 BAKER Chron. 148 A fanatick fellow..gave forth, =
that himselfe was the true Edward. 1655-60 STANLEY Hist. Philos. (1701) =
494/2 Persons Divinely inspired, and Fanatick. 1721-1800 in BAILEY.

  b. Comb.=20
    1603 CHETTLE Eng. Mourn. Garment in Harl. Misc. (1793) 202 They =
are..proud, fanatick-spirited counterfeits. 1926 W. J. LOCKE Stories =
Near & Far 225 A bearded, fanatic-eyed..figure. 1932 W. FAULKNER Light =
in August xx. 447 Fanaticfaced country preachers.
    2. Of persons, their actions, attributes, etc.: Characterized, =
influenced, or prompted by excessive and mistaken enthusiasm, esp. in =
religious matters.
    1647 CLARENDON Hist. Reb. IV. (1702) I. 266 The Lord Mayor..Opposing =
all their Fanatick humours..grew to be reckon'd in the First Form of the =
Malignants. 1659 BP. WALTON Consid. Considered 169 Papists, Atheists, =
and fanatic persons. 1659-60 MONK Sp. 6 Feb. in Wood Life (Oxf. Hist. =
Soc.) I. 303 Be careful neither the cavalier nor phanatique party have =
yet a share in your civil..power. a1680 BUTLER Rem. (1759) I. 215 All =
our lunatic fanatic Sects. 1704 SWIFT T. Tub i. 26 The two principal =
qualifications of a Phanatic Preacher are [etc.]. 1774 PENNANT Tour =
Scot. in 1772. 58 The cloisters..fell victims to fanatic fury. 1850 W. =
IRVING Mahomet x. (1853) 39 The Fanatic legions of the desert. 1883 =
Manch. Exam. 30 Oct. 5/5 Banded..in fanatic and violent opposition to =
the measure.
B. n.

    1. A mad person. In later use: A religious maniac. Obs.=20
     c1525 Robin Hood 160 Fool, fanatick, baboon. 1655 M. CASAUBON =
Enthusiasme 7 One Orpheus, a mere fanatick. 1806 Med. Jrnl. XV. 213 Dr. =
G[all] gave..hints how to treat fanatics, by using topical remedies and =
   2. a. A fanatic person; a visionary; an unreasoning enthusiast. =
Applied in the latter half of the 17th c. to Nonconformists as a hostile =
   1644 ABP. MAXWELL Sacrosancta Regum Majestas 44 Gratia gratum =
faciens, Saving Grace, as some fanatickes and fantastickes fondly =
imagine. 1657 JOHN GAULE Sapient. Justif. 11 Enthusiasts, Anabaptists, =
Fanaticks, and Familists. 1660 FULLER Mixt. Contempl. (1841) 212 A new =
word coined, within few months, called fanatics..seemeth =
well..proportioned to signify..the sectaries of our age. 1660 PEPYS =
Diary 15 Apr., Since Lambert got out of the Tower, the Fanatiques had =
held up their heads high. 1709 EVANS in Hearne Collect. 10 Nov., D. =
Sacheverel..thunderd..against ye phanaticks. 1780 HARRIS Philol. Enq. =
(1841) 430 Henry the Fourth of France..was unexpectedly murdered by a =
wretched fanatic. 1859 KINGSLEY Sir W. Raleigh I. 20 The man of one =
idea, who works at nothing but that..sacrifices everything to that; the =
fanatic in short. 1883 FROUDE Short Stud. IV. iii. 269 The Jews..were =
troublesome fanatics whom it was equally difficult to govern or destroy.
   b. A fanatical devotee of.=20
    1790 BURKE Fr. Rev. Wks. V. 66 Those exploded fanaticks of slavery.

   c. Comb.=20

  1707 E. WARD Hud. Rediv. (1715) II. ix, To show, tho' conquer'd, they =
abhor (Fanatick like) all sov'reign Pow'r. 1722 SEWEL Hist. Quakers =
(1795) II. VII. 62 Robinson's mischievous intent to go a fanatick =
hunting.  Hence fanaticness Obs., fanaticalness.=20
   1662 J. SPARROW tr. Behme's Rem. Wks., Complexions 17 Which is =
Phrenzie, Madnesse and Phanatiquenesse. 1665 J. SERGEANT Sure-Footing =
108 The denying Tradition is a proper..disposition to Fanatickness.

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