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[pct-l] World news on the trail

Most religious fanatics [of which I am one] believe that EVERY person's live
is extremely valuable regardless of what religion they are or what they
believe. Almost no religious fanatic [of any religion] belives that murder
[evil] is justifyable regardless of the ends potentially accomplished.

This religious fanatic believes that we have been shown, yet again, the evil
that the human race is capable of. I remember the Nazi and Jews in WWII. My
partner remembers the thousands of Chinese slaughtered in the same war. We
all remember Yougoslavia. None of us remember the inquisition, the crusades
or a thousand other times when OUR species did extreme evil to our fellow

This religious fanatic believes that I have the same two hands, two feet,
two eyes etc, etc, etc to those who have perpertrated these evils we find so
horrible. I am more like them than different. As a member of this species I
am capable of this unspeakable evil. Obviously I need HELP. That is why I am
a religious fanatic. 


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Well, it has now come to light that religious fanactics are to blame for
tragedy. Right now I fel great anger against ALL fundamentalists of ALL 
religions who insist that we MUST share their beliefs or that we lead 
worthless lives that simply don't count
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