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[pct-l] Trip Suggestions

I hope it's okay to ask about areas that are close to the PCT. It looks
like I'll get a few days between my summer job and school starting so I'm
hoping to get out to the Sierras. I'll have 3 or 4 days to wander about. 

I was thinking of climbing Tower Peak in the Emigrant Wilderness.
As a teenager, I was supposed to climb it with a school trip but plans
were changed at the last moment and we never got the chance. I've always
wanted to go back and see the view from the top. What's the closest
trailhead, Leavitt Meadows? Also, I understand that there is a walk-up
route. If can anyone describe it?

Most of my backpacking has been between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite so
alternatively, I was considering something in the southern Sierras. Last
weekend, I did an overnight trip out of Mineral King to Monarch Lake. I
was thinking of maybe going further over the Great Western Divide. Anyone
got suggestions for that area?

Thanks in advance.


Karl Brandt