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[pct-l] canadian editorial

This famous editorial from Gordon Sinclair (1900-1984)
came as a radio commentary he gave in 1973 in reaction
to world condemnation over the Vietnam War.  Mr.
Sinclair's biography (from the Canadian Communication
Foundation) includes the following passage:

"The United States had just pulled out of the Vietnam
War which ended in a stalemate - a war fought daily on
TV, over radio and in the press. The war had divided
the American people, and at home and abroad it seemed
everyone was lambasting the United States. Outraged by
what he saw and heard that morning, in his noon-hour
broadcast Sinclair rose to the defense of the American
people- and his voice was heard around the world - and
as no Canadian had before - or since. For weeks
afterwards, his words were repeated over and over
again from thousands of radio stations - were read
into the U. S. Congressional Records several times
and, at the insistence of the American people,
recorded for their keeping for posterity."

While it is probably being forwarded around on the
internet now as a result of the action from yesterday,
it is still a heartfelt editorial and, as an American,
I appreciate what he said.  Also, it should be noted
that the Canadian government and its people are at
this time going to great lengths to help our country
through this crisis, in particular housing many
thousands of stranded travelers and lining by the
hundreds in the streets to donate blood.  We are very
lucky to have neighbors like these. 

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