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[pct-l] World news on the trail

The event we missed in '94 pales in comparison to 9/11 - the Simpson murders
& O.J. car chase.  We came out at Sierra City & were asked, of course, "did
you hear about...."

In '74 I was a camp counselor in the outback of Mendocino County, where we
had no radios, tv, nor daily newspaper (i.e. an idyllic existence).  The
camp director drove her truck to an open area where she could get radio
reception that enabled us to hear Nixon's resignation speech.  That, too,
was surreal.

We will survive this.  I hope I don't sound callous when I say that tragedy
brings out our best impulses - particularly one of this proportion.  I can
only pray for our country's leaders that they continue to take a measured,
rational response to this evil - but somehow I don't think that prosecuting
a criminal investigation leading to trial will be sufficient.  I like to
think that rationality prevails over irrationality.  I'm often wrong.