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[pct-l] World news on the trail

I was thinking about the same event. In 1974 we hiked the Tahoe-Yosemite
Trail. When we got to Kennedy Meadows (the one on Hwy 108), we noticed
everyone carrying around newspapers with the headline NIXON RESIGNS. Having
missed all the excitement of the prior week, we were stunned.

On another trip, we came home and a friend had left us a note about "EQ
day." It was only later that we figured out she was talking about the Big
Bear and Landers earthquakes that had occurred while we were enjoying Sierra

It's actually a really cool experience to be so far removed from the
not-so-cool world back home. And these dramatic events expose the separation
even more pointedly.

Carl Siechert

P.S. Monte, Greg: Did we miss anything important in '77? Only thing I
remember hearing about later was the whole Star Wars (the movie, not the
missile defense) phenomenon.

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> In 1974 I hiked the High Sierra Trail. My parents
> planned to pick me up at the end of the trail and we
> would take a two-week car vacation. However, the
> telephone company was on the verge of a major strike,
> and if the strike happened, our vacation would be
> canceled as my mom was with the company.
> As I approached Bearpaw Meadow I asked some hikers if
> they had news of the strike. They said no, but that
> the president resigned. I thought the situation at the
> phone company must be really bad for their president
> to resign. I had completely forgotten about Watergate.
> The world becomes much smaller and more intimate when
> you're hiking its trails.
> AsABat