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[pct-l] Terrorism, tragedy - how to respond?

Fellow hikers,

What a day it was yesterday! I don't have any family or friends that I
know of who were directly involved but I have friends that do.
Regardless, it makes us all think of our freedom, our safety, the value
of life and hopefully concern and compassion for others. Like Gina 
("Here I am, call myself a writer and I am at a total loss of words for
what happened yesterday... Gina"), I don't know how to adequately put
into words what I feel or think but I received something yesterday that
pretty much summed it up for me. It is found at the following web site 
http://www.backtothebible.org/radio/tragedy.html if you are interested. 

Please join me in praying for the victims and their families, and for
President Bush and our leaders for wisdom and direction during this
difficult time.

To follow up on an earlier comment about bear cannisters and believing in
God, and a comment about not understanding why, I believe in God. He is
the only One we can turn to in every situation, who has the goodness,
power and wisdom to help us. Take a hike, look at His creation and thank
Him for it and the ability to enjoy it.

Vic Hanson

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