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[pct-l] New York

For those whishing to help with the Sept. 11 tragedy, I pulled this
information of www.cnn.com
Emergency response/relief efforts
American Red Cross, blood supply:
  The American Red Cross is in need of blood to replenish the nation's
supply. Call 1-800-HELP-NOW to schedule an appointment near where you

American Red Cross, cash donations:
  (800) HELP-NOW 

New York Blood Center, blood supply:
  The New York Blood Center has also announced a blood emergency for the
greater New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. Visit www.nybloodcenter.org
for more information on how to help. 

  For more information on helping victims of the U.S. attacks, visit

United Way, donations:
  The United Way of New York and the New York Community Trust have
established a fund to help the victims of the attacks and their
families. The September Eleventh Fund will provide immediate support to
established emergency assistance agencies. Anyone wishing to contribute
may send their donations in care of United Way, 2 Park Ave, New York, New
York, 10016 or call: 212-251-4035. Donations are also being accepted on
United Way of New York City's Web site: http://www.uwnyc.org. 

Feed The Children, donations:
  Donations are being accepted at Feed The Children

Salvation Army, cash donations:
  (800) SAL-ARMY 

Andrew West