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[pct-l] pocket rocket

I used the MSR pocket rocket this summer at altitude with no problems.  I 
spent 10 days in the San Jauns in Co and even Mt Rainier.  I used it alot at 
10,000 and 12,000 ft and the little sucker didn't even flinch, it blasted 
out boiling water as if it were in the low lands.  It could use a wind 
screen, it seemed a bit cheese in even a light breeze.  The fuel canisters 
didn't seem to last long either, and there expensive too.  I don't know how 
it will handle the snow and cold.  When I was on Rainier I did all my 
cooking at camp Muir and avoided a snowy kitchen and it didn't seem too cold 
out anyway, but some people say you have to keep the canister warn to get 
the most out of it.  I don't know about that, but I do know I'm definitly 
not going to use it to melt snow.

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