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[pct-l] Strange sight

I finished a section hike from Highway 138 to Willamette Pass just before I had to return to school (August 27).  The second day out i noticed strange footprints on the trail and poop that I couldn't recognize.  For the next three days I continued to see these wierd prints in the softer parts of the trail.  the poop was in pellet form and bigger than a golf ball and smaller than a baseball.  It wasn't until i was loading the car at Shelter Cove that i looked over and saw a double humped camel tied to a tree.  This is what I have been following.  The owner said that it could carry half of its weight and this particular camel weighed almost 2,200 lbs.  Other than the poop, the camel left less damage to the trail than my NB 803's.  I can just imagine a trail weary thru-hiker rounding a corner and seeing this unique animal.