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[pct-l] Trip Report: Tuolumne Meadows to Kennedy Meadows [HWY108]


You know that I am pro requiring bear canisters. 

The problem with the NPS thinking that they can get away with not complying
with the order is that virtually every backpacker who has not lost food to
bears believes that he/she can protect his/her food from bears also without
the use of bear canisters. In fact, probably most can, most of the time, but
in this case the NPS did not. 

I must say that when the NPS decides to habituate a bear to human food it
does it in a much bigger way than a lone throughhikers. It was a big
pile....and a big mess.


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[HWY 108]

Hey, Tom, let us know what YNP says (if anything) about the trashed
maintenance camp.    I'd particularly like to know why it was left in the
condition you describe -"a bear had trashed a major campsite tossing garbage
all over. The campsite was a NPS work party site that had been abandoned.
There were a dozen coolers and a zillion burlap bags of trash but nary a
bear canister or box in site."

Seems that they forgot to bring Mom along to clean up after them...