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[pct-l] GoLite and Backpacker

Just when you thought it was safe to shake your head
and wonder at the curious relationship between
gearmaker and journalism (see Seatle Times article on
lightweight backpacking 8/6/01), now comes Backpacker
magazine's attempt at capturing the "ultralight"
reader with the "Ultralight Backpacking Center". You
can find this at www.backpacker.com/gear/ultralight.

This move on their part is indeed suprising (given
their propensity for heavyweight backpacking ideals)
until you realize its sponsored by GoLite. I'm not
talking just an adbanner, but GoLite is behind much of
the content as well. Obviously this venture is a
responce to the growing interest in the lightweight
movement. However, while we all would agree that it is
refreshing to see more acceptance of lightweigt
backpacking as a practice, it should not be shrouded
in "unbiased reporting and/or reviewing" when it is
actually brought to you by XXXX, the fine makers of
overcostly, heavier-than-necessary gear. By the way,
when will they all understand that a 30 lb. pack is
not "ultralight"? What is their definition of
"lightweight", 45 lbs.?

One last thing: Apparently the editors at our favorite
heavyweight backpacking magazine must have heard the
comments regarding the limitations of their "gear
challenge" choices. They have adjusted some of the
options for gear in the different categories in the
form, and you can now add comments and recommended
alternatives to their options. Of course, my responses
suggested certain home-made items such as the Henry
Shires Tarptent and Roy Robinson Cat Food Can Alcohol
stove (thanks guys, you're my heroes). 

Rant over, have a good morning. 

OneMan (normally not too grumpy)

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