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[pct-l] Waist or hip belt???

I used a Kelty on my last hike and had the identical experience. The Kelty
hip belt worked best for me 1-2" above my hips. I was carrying in the
high-20's. I also used the Kelty hip belt on the ADZPCTKO pack and carried
in the mid-30's and again, the hip belt felt best 1-2" above my hips.

I am able to get my D-3 to ride above my hips but it ain't easy.

I think its the belt not the weight.

I still don't dance down the trail. 


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Subject: [pct-l] Waist or hip belt???

Ever since I switched to internal frame packs and have got my packs - a
flight - base weight, sans food and water, down to 15 pounds or so,  I find
wear the "waist" belt just underneath my rib cage and easily an inch or two
above my hips.  For those who still use waist/hip belts, am I odd, or is
this a

I put on my old D-3 and no matter how much I try, even lightly loaded, the
slips down and rests on my hips.  My 15 year old Kelty Super Tioga, XL, is a
torture rack.  I can't believe I was satisfied with it.  My 32 year old
Camptrails Expedition - I think it was called - a big sack on a frame ala
Fletcher's first edition of "The Complete Walker" while long gone, didn't
have a padded hip belt.  I remember the lacerations and angry rashes it

Is it the technology or the light weight that lets the pack let me dance
the trail, hips twisting to toe tap my way down the trail?

Jeffrey Olson
Laramie, WY, where we had our first 2" of snow Friday night.  The last
snow was June 15.  We didn't even get a full three months of snowless

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